About Academyati

About Academyati

About Academyati

Academyati is an innovative school that chooses to trust today’s children. 

No child is like another; each one has a unique sense and view of the world. With that in mind, we have returned to the basics of human learning and motivation. By exposing our children to experiences and challenges as a way of learning, we aim to fuel children’s independence, empathy, curiosity, and creativity through their journey in Academyati. We have faith that their inner gifts will shape amazing outcomes.  

Our vision is for children to grow as ethical creators who are aware, confident, empowered and can bring positive change to their world.


Our Philosophy

Children's Agency

  • Our job is to set a positive and supportive environment that sparks interest and learning. We trust that the children will take it from there. They are free to choose topics they want to dive into and learn, and free to learn at their own pace. 

High Expectations and Academic Rigor

  • There are no limitations to what children can achieve. We challenge them by creating thought-provoking tasks that allow them to explore, innovate, and problem-solve. Through these experiences, they hone their potential and discover their interests.

Embracing Identity and Culture

  • We value that no child is like another, and we celebrate their individual identity and culture. This allows them to go out into the world with confidence and a strong sense of who they are. Accordingly, we seek to strengthen communal belonging as well as spark curiosity and connections with global identities and cultures.  

Every Student has the Right to Success

  • We believe that it's our job to ensure the success of every child, as each has different needs, interests and strengths that, when fulfilled, allows them to be successful in their own way.

The Academyati / EDI partnership amalgamates innovation with reflection. Through this strategic collaboration, EDI offers support in concretizing the school’s philosophy and offers continuous professional learning and growth opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of all members of the Academyati team. This joint journey equips all stakeholders with the understandings, attitudes, skills and actions to embrace the unknown and turn it into learning experiences. 



Academyati has partnered with Torba to encourage Academyati’s children develop healthy connections with nature. This is achieved by growing organic vegetable gardens, taking care of the school plants and gardens, preparing and running activities in the “Nature room” and “Children’s kitchen”, providing healthy and locally produced snacks and lunches for children and staff. Torba operates the seasonal Torba Farmers Market in Education City, and runs the holistic Torba Farm, as well as the concept Torba Store in Duhail.