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Thank you for your interest in Academyati. We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know your family throughout our admission process.

For information regarding availability in school year 2024-2025 and any admissions questions please call us at 44546390 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age groups does Academyati accept?

Academyati is currently accepting children between the ages of 3-12, with the intention of growing to higher age groups in the future.

What are the different phases that students go through at Academyati?

We do not have traditional classes or grades at Academyati. Children learn in mixed age groups as they are naturally inclined to do so in real life. This is a key aspect of our philosophy as a school. Contrary to conventional methodologies, our learners do not learn from an adult teacher alone, rather mix with each other and learn from one another. Learners motivate, observe and support each other.

Instead of the grades, our learners are divided into five phases:

Phase 1.1: ages 3 and 4

Phase 1.2: ages 5 and 6

Phase 2: ages 7, 8 and 9

Phase 3: ages 10,11 and 12

Phase 4: ages 13, 14 and 15

Phase 5: ages  16,17 and 18

Currently we are accepting children in phases 1, 2 and 3.

What criteria is used to transfer a child from one phase to another?

The main criteria for transferring a student from one level to the next is their age; however, if we find that a particular student has spent more time than usual in a certain phase or if they have demonstrated skills that will allow them to succeed in the next level, we will form a committee and discuss this on a case-by-case basis. This type of situation is rare, and we would prefer students to remain in their appropriate phase to get the maximum benefit from it.

What curriculum does Academyati follow?

There is no set curriculum at Academyati. Instead, we offer a personalized learning journey that caters for each child’s needs and interests. We do not limit children’s knowledge to a standard curriculum, rather we keep their horizons open for exploration and questioning. As core skills of literacy and numeracy are an important element for the overall learning, Academyati uses a progression scale/ continuum for the core skills of Arabic and English literacy, and numeracy.

Free play is also a main vehicle for learning, especially in the younger years, and we use additional instruments to foster learners’ agency in learning. This includes projects/quests, activities, field trips and more.

Quests/projects for example are key in our learners’ self-led discovery every day at the school. Quests/projects could be planned or improvised. Planned quests/projects come from the teachers as a result of their observations and knowledge of our learners’ interests. Spontaneous quests/projects are created in the moment, following a child’s sparked interest in a topic or a thing using the rich and diverse resources and expertise available in the school.

Does Academyati follow any specific curriculum for literacy & numeracy?

Although we do not have a set curriculum for literacy and numeracy, we are ensuring that certain standards are being met. We are using various resources to do this. Academyati uses a progression scale/ continuum for the core skills of Arabic and English literacy, and numeracy.

We are also becoming more intentional regarding our students’ experiences and try to embed literacy and numeracy in the child’s project/quests. For example, if a child expresses interest in building the replica of a stadium, we are ensuring that along with fulfilling this interest, core skills are being targeted such as design, math, writing, art, public speaking…etc.

How do you teach reading, writing, and mathematics?

Our methodology towards literacy and numeracy is different from conventional schools. There are two approaches through which we teach reading, writing and mathematics.

About 30% of the time children spend in school is spent focusing on reading, writing and mathematics.

Other than this dedicated time for the core skills, literacy and numeracy are also embedded in their day to day projects/quests.

What does a typical day look like at Academyati?

Although no day is “typical” at our school, we do have a schedule for each of the phases, and this is what they look like currently for each phase.

Our day is split into the following blocks:

·      Core skills

·      Learning Experience

·      Discovery

·      Gym / Movement

·      Reflection

How are Islamic studies taught at the school?

Teaching Islamic values is part of the school philosophy and this is closely connected to character education. There is a practice of religion such as congregational prayers, Quranic recitations, Ramadan and Eid celebrations.etc. Islamic values and teachings are also embedded throughout the day at Academyati such as during meal and prayer times; however, direct instruction occurs in the form of halaqa in phase 3 and also in the form of stories and the teaching of Quaranic verses.

Will my child be able to practice sports?

Physical Education (PE) is one of the required sessions of every child’s day because it is through the building of gross motor skills that fine motor skills are developed. Students spend around 2.5 hours per week on PE.

Who are the teachers at the school?

Teachers at Academyati come from various fields. This allows the students to have access to individuals who are knowledgeable in different fields. Most of our teachers are bi-lingual (English and Arabic). Academyati also focuses on teachers’ professional development and provides need based training so our teachers can provide the best learning experience to our children. Teachers were originally called collaborators at Academyati; however, we will revert to calling them teachers again since teaching in its very nature is a collaborative process.

How are your teachers trained?

We are ensuring that all incoming teachers to Academyati are trained in their field and that all existing ones undergo the kind of professional development needed for them to thrive and take our children to the next level. Professional Development is an ongoing process for teachers at Academyati.

What is the teacher:student ratio at the school?

Currently our student to teacher ratio across the school is around 4:1. Ths ratio varies from phase to phase.

Are girls and boys segregated at the school?

Academyati is a co-ed school and our learning spaces have both genders.

Will parents be able to get involved in the school?

Yes. At Academyati parents are partners.  They are encouraged to come in and offer various activities and sessions if they share their ideas with us in advance. They can also participate in trips and special events.

Does the school accept the coupon system for Qatari students?


Is the school licensed by the Ministry of Education?


What are the parents’ communication channels?

We have multiple ways in which parents can communicate with the school. We welcome parents to call or drop in and they have access to our teachers and staff. We also have formal parent teacher meetings twice a year. There is a monthly newsletter that goes out with all the events and important news going on at school and on trips. We have instated regular monthly coffee mornings where parents can come in, ask questions and listen to the latest developments. We also ask for parent feedback through surveys.

How can I know my child’s development progress?

This is an ongoing process. We do not have standardized tests or exams, but we do have ongoing formative assessments. These vary from one phase to the next. Children are compared to themselves and not each other and based on that, phase mentors and teachers along with the children help create experiences which will target different needs and interests.

What is the differentiation in learning plans and how are they applied?

As children express various interests, teachers do their best to customize various learning experiences that continue to spark students’ interests. When students are interviewed at various intervals their core skills are assessed and accordingly, specific skills are targeted to ensure that all gaps are filled.

What is the future plan for Academyati?

Academyati will continue to give its children the opportunity to be active participants in their own learning process and we will also honor children’s passions. The changes will be in being more deliberate in planning and in the exploration of a curriculum which will have a clear focus on Islamic values. It will also have a component in which critical thinking and the various disciplines are taught through a lens which is in line with Qatar’s direction where emphasis will be put on Arabic, Islam and Qatari culture. A child who is non -Arab and non- Muslim is welcome to attend our school as long as the parents realize that teachings will emphasize both.

What will happen if we decide to move our child to another school?

Parents should inform the school ahead of time of their intention to move their child. The child has to fulfill the other school’s requirements. Academyati will provide a transfer certificate that can be attested from the Ministry of Education if the child is moving to a different country.

Students will be transferred to other schools based on their registered grade with MOEHE and fulfilling the admissions requirements of the new school.

Will my child be able to successfully integrate into another school if we decide to move?

Yes. We believe that every child leaving Academyati will be able to integrate to other environments. We build their autonomy and problem solving skills which will help better navigate their new environments.

What do the report cards look like? Are they acceptable to other schools in case of a transfer?

Our reporting system is qualitative and narrative in nature because we do not follow a traditional grading system; however, it is comprehensive and gives a clear picture of each child’s skills, character and interests




Step 1: Completion of Academyati Online Admission Form

The first step toward being considered for enrollment at Academyati involves filling out our online admission form with all the required documentations. Please click on the following online admission link to access our online application form. Upon completion of the online admission form you will receive an e-mail confirming that your account has been created. It includes as well the Login and password information in addition to a link that refers you to the parents login page.


Step 2: Fill Out an Application

The link for the application and admissions process is available in the information pack.

The following documents are required to complete an application:

·          A recent passport-sized photograph of the child

·          Child’s passport copy

·          Child’s QID

·          Child’s birth certificate copy

·          Father’s (or Guardian’s) passport copy &QID

·          Mother’s passport copy & QID

·          Confidential School Report (age 7 onwards)

·          Immunization card

·          Academyati’ s Medical form signed by the child’s Doctor

·          The last 3 ends of year reports (for children age 7 and above)

Step 3: Family and Child Interviews

After submitting your child’s application, the application will be reviewed, and you will be invited to Academyati for a family interview with our Admissions Team. This is a conversation between your family and our team aimed at deepening your understanding of our approach and learning more about your needs and aspirations so we can both make a more informed decision about if Academyati is the right fit for your family.

After the family interview, the child may be invited to the school to spend a few hours or a day to meet with staff and students.

Step 4: Decisions

Admissions decisions are made thoughtfully, based primarily on the family’s and school’s vision alignment in terms of educational approaches and practices. The decision will be emailed to you within 2 weeks from the date of the interview.

Step 5: Enrollment

After you receive the acceptance offer, you have one week to accept the offer and complete the enrolment process

The following documents are included in your acceptance that you will need to read carefully, sign, and upload to complete the enrolment process and pay the enrolment fee of 3000QR.

·          Parents’ Agreement

·          Photo consent

·          Acceptable use of Technology


Withdrawal Process for QF Schools

To begin withdrawing a student from a QF school, the parent/guardian is requested to submit an online withdrawal form (click here). The school will process the request within three working days.

Please note that the parent/guardian and the student will be invited to attend an exit interview meeting with the school director to discuss the withdrawal. The parent/guardian and the student are required to attend this meeting to complete the formal process.

School Calendar

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