Academyati’s approach to learning develops from a mixture of evidence-based research and our experiences of what works best for children in Qatar. We work with children and parents to continuously respond to their needs. 

Our Beliefs on Learning and Development

Learning is Relevant

We believe that for students to deeply connect with their learning, the experiences they are exposed to need to be relevant to them and their lives, both locally and globally. The learning has to be driven by their interests and strengths.  

Development is Holistic

We believe that to truly develop students and enable them to thrive, our approach must be holistic. To us, socio-emotional development is as important as academic development.


Elements of Our Program

Dual Language Learning

  • Both English and Arabic will be used equally as a medium for learning. All resources and elements of the learning spaces will be in both languages.

Personalized Education

  • We look at the child as a whole. Each child is unique and has specific needs, interests, and strengths. As such, we will develop personal plans for everyone to nurture their personal growth and creative process.

Flexible Age Groups

  • Children will be grouped in multi-age groups and are not restricted by grade levels or year of birth. This way, each child can learn at their own pace and from older or younger children.

Learning by Experience

  • Humans learn by doing. We learn through our senses, our experiences, trial-and-error and lots of reflection. Children will be exposed to new experiences and challenges to allow them to learn new concepts and be able to solve real-world problems.

Innovative Ecosystem

  • We will expand the areas of learning from inside the school to the local community by collaborating with other organizations and members of the community. This way, children can make meaningful connections. In this regard, we believe the possibilities for innovation are endless.

Parental Involvement

  • Parents and families are proactive partners. We want the child’s success to continue beyond the parameters of the school and/or the school year. This close partnership will ensure that each child will have the opportunity to reach their full potential no matter their environment.